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0.03 % is offered through Med Search Online with a 100% money back guarantee. If you have no insurance, are under-insured or are finding that regular retail price for 0.03 % is putting a strain on your finances, then purchase the 0.03 % from Med Search Online for a fraction of what you would normally have to pay. To save even more money, consider the Generic for 0.03 %, Bimatoprost Eyedrops 0.03 % for less than a cup of coffee a day!

Drug Attribute
US Brand Name
& Online Price
Generic Name
& Online Price
Product Name
Latisse Opth Solution 
Generic Latisse Opth Solution (Careprost Eyedrops) 
Chemical Ingredient
0.030 % 
0.03 % 
Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Inc. 
Price Per Unit
Pack Quantity
15mL (3x5mL) 
Pack Price
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Prices for "Bimatoprost Eye Drops 0.03 %" (Bimatoprost) or brand equivalent:

Your Best Bimatoprost Eye Drops 0.03 % Price Choices
Generic Bimatoprost Eyedrops 0.03 % Rx   (Careprost Eyedrops)
0.03 % - 15mL (3x5mL) $5.66 per ml (online price only)
Other Bimatoprost Eye Drops 0.03 % Choices - Generic Equivalents
Bimatoprost Eye Drops 0.03 %  Rx
0.03 % - 1 bottle $70.47 per bottle (online price only)
Lumigan Eye Drops 0.03 %  Rx
0.03 % - 3 ml $28.30 per ml (online price only)

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