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US Brand Name
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Product Name
Generic Diovan (Co-valsartan) 
Chemical Ingredient
320 mg 
320 mg 
Cobalt Pharmaceuticals Inc. 
Blood Pressure 
Blood Pressure 
Price Per Unit
Pack Quantity
100 tabs 
Pack Price
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Prices for "Diovan 320 mg" (Valsartan) or brand equivalent:

Your Best Diovan 320 mg Price Choices
Generic Valsartan 320 mg Rx   (Co-valsartan)
320 mg - 100 tabs $1.26 per tab (online price only)
Other Diovan 320 mg Choices - Generic Equivalents
Diovan 320 mg  Rx
320 mg - 28 tabs $2.48 per tab (online price only)
Diovan 320 mg  Rx
320 mg - 56 tabs $2.24 per tab (online price only)
Diovan 320 mg  Rx
320 mg - 84 tabs $1.72 per tab (online price only)
Diovan 320 mg  Rx
320 mg - 112 tabs $2.04 per tab (online price only)

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