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Use the generic for Actonel for Stronger Bones

Once you grow older it is quite usual for your bones to go weaker and weaker. If you have calcium deficiency, then also there are chances of your bones getting weaker. This weakening of bones is called osteoporosis and this will need a proper treatment without which your bones will eventually become useless. For that you will need to go to a doctor and get a prescription. Actonel is one such medicine which will help you take care of this problem.

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The lowest per-unit prices for Actonel and its government-approved generic equivalent Risedronate are shown below:
Available Strengths
Brand Actonel
Generic Risedronate

5 mg

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Risedronate 5 mg Pack Sizes

Risedronate 5 mg
$82.62 for 30 tabs
$2.75 per unit
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30 mg

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Pack Sizes

Actonel 30 mg
$533.83 for 30 tabs
$17.79 per unit
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35 mg

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and Risedronate 35 mg Pack Sizes

Actonel 35 mg
$121.97 for 4 tabs
$30.49 per unit
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Risedronate 35 mg
$73.11 for 12 tabs
$6.09 per unit
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150 mg

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and Risedronate 150 mg Pack Sizes

Actonel 150 mg
$112.67 for 1 tabs
$112.67 per unit
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Risedronate 150 mg
$80.85 for 3 tabs
$26.95 per unit
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Generic Actonel

What is Actonel?

Generic Actonel is also called Risedronate. It is commonly prescribed by doctors for the betterment of osteoporosis. You can also use it for other diseases, if your doctor prescribes it for you. The medicine acts by preventing the loss of bones.

Actonel Pricing

We pride ourselves on providing our customers with the lowest price cost of Actonel. The cost to you for our Actonel is the lowest price and is most affordable.

Talk to your doctor

If you are allergic to the ingredients of the drug, it is advised not to take the medicine. If you are weak or not in a position to stand or sit continuously for half an hour, then this medicine might not be the right one for you at all. Breathing problems due to narrowing of the pipe or esophageal issues are all blinkers that tell you that the medicine is not advisable for you unless the doctor prescribes it even after knowing about these issues.

What you should know before using the generic of Actonel?

It is better to not take the medicine if you are pregnant or breast feeding. There are chances for the medicine to pass into breast milk and thereby harm the baby during breast feeding. You should tell your doctor if you become pregnant during the course of treatment.

Also, it is always advised you talk to your doctor about all the medical conditions that you are having or have had in the past. Allergies, stomach problems, low or high Vitamin levels, other fatal diseases like cancer, blood clots, kidney, heart and liver problems should all be mentioned to the doctor so that he/she will be able to give you the right medicine and also the correct dose. If you have been exposed to chemotherapy, make sure you tell your doctor about it. You should tell your doctor about the diet you are following as well as you might require avoiding or adding certain things in your diet for the smooth operation of the medicine. Also, very importantly, do not make any change in the dose without the knowledge of your doctor.

Drug Interaction

Tell your doctor about all the medicines that you are having during the course of treatment because there are chances for some medicines to interact with the medicine and cause adverse effects in your body. Aspirin is a drug which you need to strictly mention to the doctor and so are all the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Medicines that are corticosteroids should also be avoided or found an alternative if you are taking Actonel generic.

Missing a dose and overdose

If you happen to miss a dose, have it as soon as you can. But if you remember about the missing close to your next dose time, avoid taking the previous one and continue the medication like normal. Do not take two doses at a time as it can lead to overdose. If you feel that you have had an overdose because you feel dizzy or hallucinated, seek medical attention immediately.

Using Generic Actonel

The medicine should be taken regularly for the best results. The medicine should be taken half an hour before you have anything in the morning. But, after you have it, you are not supposed to stay in bed or sit for half an hour. The medicine should be swallowed as a whole without keeping it in the mouth at all. Pure water should be taken along with it and no other kind of beverages is encouraged. Also, if you are having other medications, make sure there is a gap of half an hour between the intakes of the medicines.

During the course of treatment

Alcohol consumption should be strictly avoided. It is better you do not drive or use other complex machinery while you take the medicine as this medicine can sometimes hinder thought process. Make sure you follow the diet and exercise regularly. It is better you talk to your doctor about the exercises because certain exercises are good for the bones and some are not. Take care of your entire bones well, including your teeth. Some doctors recommend you not to do dental related treatments during the course of time.

Side Effects

Most of the medicines have side effects and so does Actonel generic. You only have to worry about side effects if you are really getting irritated by them or if they do not seem to get better at all. Mild stomach upsets, hallucination muscle ache etc are all included in this list. However, if you have allergic reactions which include severe skin problems, breathing problems, blood excretion, pain in the joints, vision related difficulties, inflammation etc, it is better you seek medical help immediately.


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