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What is Generic Alphagan?

Generic Alphagan is a medication that has been found to be extremely successful in lowering the pressure inside the eyes. It is available in the form of eye drops and should not be used without a doctor’s prescription.

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Generic Alphagan

Who Makes Generic Alphagan?

This medication is manufactured by Allergan, Inc. The brand name Alphagan is not available anymore and it is now available as Alphagan P.

Alphagan Eye Drops Pricing

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What is generic Alphagan used for? This drug is used to reduce the eye pressure in people who are victims of ocular hypertension or open angle glaucoma.

What is the main Ingredient of generic Alphagan?

The main component of this medication is Brimonidine Tartrate. Alphagan P and Alphagan differ in terms of their strength and the preservatives that they are composed of.

How Does Generic Alphagan Work?This drug is a part of the class of medicines known as alpha adrenergic agonists. It functions by binding and stimulates the alpha receptors in the eyes. This in turn aids to lower the amount of aqueous humor fluid that is manufactured by the eyes and hikes up the pace of drainage. The final effect is that, the pressure in the eye is lowered considerably.

How Should Alphagan generic be used?

This drug that comes in the form of eye drops should be applied into the affected eye around three times a day. It is imperative that you wait for at least five minutes before administering this medication if you are using other eye drops along with this medication. If you are a person who uses contact lenses, care should be taken to remove these lenses before you apply these eye drops and do not put them back for at least quarter of an hour. Care should be taken to ensure that the tip of the dropper does not come into contact with any other surface to avert any infections from occurring due to contamination. Make sure that you use this medication exactly as per your doctor’s orders to get maximum results.


The common dosage prescribed is three times daily, unless the doctor tells you otherwise. Never stop using this drug without consulting your doctor.

Probable Side Effects of Generic Alphagan

Similar to majority of the other drugs, Generic Alphagan is not completely free of adverse effects either. However, most people are found to be free of adverse effects while some rare cases of adverse effects have been reported. Anyway the adverse effects that normally occur are not very serious and do not require any kind of treatment. They fade off as soon as you get attuned to the medication. The common side effects that have been reported include:

• Dryness in the mouth

• Burning and stinging sensation in the eyes

• Redness of the eyes

Serious adverse effects of this drug include irregular heart beat, pain in the eyes or heightened watering of the eyes, numbness in the hands and feet, allergic reactions like breathing problems and inflammation of your face, lips, tongue or throat. But these adverse effects are highly unlikely to occur.

Drug Interactions

This medication may react to some specific drugs. So it is important to let your physician know about all the over the counter and prescription drugs that you are already using to avert unwanted reactions of this medication.

Warnings and Precautions

Alphagan should not be used by people who are victims of any kind of heart complications, lower blood pressure, stroke, liver or kidney disease, despondency, Raynaud’s disease, or any kind of allergies. It is important that you inform your doctor about your complete medical history before you begin using Alphagan. Also let your doctor know if you are pregnant or breastfeeding when you use this medication.


Although not many cases of overdose has been reported, it would be better to get immediate medical attention in case you happen to use an overdose of this drug.

Generic Alphagan Storage

This medication should be preserved between 59°F and 77°F. Ensure that the bottle is tightly closed when not in use. It should be kept safe from heat and light and out of reach of children.

Missed Dosage

In case you happen to miss a dose of this medication, it is better to apply these drops as soon as you remember. But make sure that you do not have a double dose to compensate for the missed dosage.

Available Strengths

This medication comes in the below mentioned strengths and forms

• Alphagan 0.2% (in generic form only) -- available in 5, 10, and 15 ml bottles

• Alphagan P 0.1% -- available in 5, 10, and 15 ml bottles

• Alphagan P 0.15% -- available in 5, 10, and 15 ml bottles.

Is the Generic Version of Alphagan Available?

Yes, the generic version of this medication is available. Both the original version and higher strength of Alphagan P is available in generic version today.

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