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What is Avodart?

Generic Avodart is a prescription drug that is mainly used in the treatment of benign hyperplasia or enlarged prostrate in men. It is also given in combination with another drug named Tamsulosin according to the severity of the illness.

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Generic Avodart

What is the main Ingredient of the generic for Avodart?

Dutasteride is the main component of this medication.

Who manufactures Avodart?

This medication is made by GlaxoSmithKline.

Avodart Pricing

We pride ourselves on providing our customers with the lowest price cost of Avodart. The cost to you for our Avodart is the lowest price and is most affordable.

What are the main symptoms of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia?

The main signs of benign hyperplasia include tendency to urinate frequently, weak flow of urine, irregular halts and starts in the urine flow, severe urgency to urinate very often and tendency to urinate numerous times in the night time. DHT is the main culprit behind the enlargement of the prostate.

How Does generic Avodart work?

This medication functions by preventing the change of testosterone into DHT which in turn lowers the quantity of DHT in the system. This medicine thereby aids to lower DHT levels and help the prostrate to shrink. It thus provides relief to the enlarged prostrate symptoms that men experience including improvement in the rate of urine flow and even helps to avert surgery in some victims.

How should Generic Avodart be taken?

Avodart comes in the form of capsules and the normal dosage prescribed is once a day. It is best to have this medicine with a full glass of water. This drug is slow in showing results and will take around three months to even one year to show positive results. Avodart can be had with or without food but makes sure that it is swallowed completely and is not crushed or chewed. Take care to have it at the same time daily to uphold an even level of the medicine in your system. It is imperative that you have the medicine exactly as your doctor prescribes it to get maximum effectiveness from it. You should never stop taking this medicine without consulting your doctor about it as it may cause unwanted complications.

You may require a blood test often to make sure that you are responding well to this medication and are not suffering from any unwanted adverse effects. You may also need to test prostrate specific antigen or PSA to rule out prostrate cancer. So make sure that you keep up your doctor’s appointments and do not miss even a single visit.


Generic Avodart comes in a single dosage of 0.5mg once every day.

Adverse Effects

While this medication is found to be tolerated well by most people, some adverse effects have been reported in rare cases. This includes:

• Lowered libido

• Erectile dysfunction or impotence

• Low quantity of semen during ejaculation

• Enlargement of breast or sometimes even tenderness in breasts

Serious adverse effects are extremely rare with Avodart. But in case the victim develops breathing complications, inflammation of your face, tongue or lips, it is best to seek immediate medical attention.

Interactions with Avodart

Avodart generic does interact with some particular drugs and so it is vital that you let your physician know about all the drugs that you are already using to avoid unnecessary drug interactions. It is also advisable to let your doctor be aware of any allergies and your complete medical history before starting on Avodart so that the doctor will know whether this medication will be suitable for your or not.

Missed Dose

If you happen to miss a dose, make sure that you consume the dose as soon as you get reminded about it. But it would be better to miss the dose if it is nearly time for the next dose. Remember that you should never double your dosage in order to compensate for the missed dosage.

Overdose of Avodart

It is extremely important that you get immediate medical help if you have an overdose of this drug by mistake.

Warnings and Precautions

If you happen to have a medical history of any kind of liver complications or any kind of allergies, it is imperative that you inform your doctor about it before you begin Avodart. This medication is not meant for women or children and should not even be touched by a pregnant woman as this drug can get into your body through the skin. This can cause serious damage to the fetus.

Things to Avoid while using the generic of Avodart

Make sure that you do not donate blood to any person while you are on this medication and even for about six months after you stop this drug. This drug may remain in your blood and may be transferred to the person whom you donate blood to. If the person who receives the transfusion is pregnant, there is every chance that the trace of this drug may harm the fetus.


Avodart generic should be carefully preserved at room temperature in an airtight bottle safe from extreme heat or dampness. Do not use a capsule that is leaking or broken. Make sure that you do not store this medication within children’s reach.


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