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The generic of Januvia falls under the list of oral diabetes medications. It mainly helps to control the levels of the blood sugar. It is functioning by regulating the insulin levels in the body that is being produced after the intake of food. This medication is usually prescribed for those patients who are suffering from the type 2 diabetes mellitus, which is also known as the non-insulin dependent diabetes. This drug in some cases is also used with other drugs, which means to say that it is also used as combination drug. This drug cannot be used for treating the type 1 diabetes mellitus. It is also used for other uses which are not mentioned here.

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Generic Januvia

If the patient is allergic to the sitagliptin the he or she has to keep away from this drug. This is also applicable if the patient is suffering from the state of diabetic ketoacidosis. Certain precautions have to be taken before adhering to the treatment regimen with this medication. They are as follows. The patient has to report to the doctor well in advance if the patient is suffering from any problems related to kidney or if the patient is on dialysis treatment. The patient also has to report to the medical practitioner if the patient has a history of pancreatitis.

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This medication can be taken along food or with or without food, but you have to strictly follow the instructions of your medical practitioner. Like any other medication this drug should also be taken under the strict supervision of the doctor and the patient has to strictly adhere to the treatment modality and also to the timings of the prescribed dose. If the patient misses any dose then he or she has to continue with the next dose. If the patient develops any side effects then he has to immediately tell the doctor and seek medical attention. The side effects from this drug may depend on the person. So it may vary from person to person depending on so many factors. Of the factors the most important ones that play major role are the age and the sex of the person and also the existing co morbid conditions.

Sometime the doctor may put the patient under controlled diet such as restrictions on the beverages and also the day today life activities to get the maximum results out of it. If you found to develop upper stomach ache which is severe in condition which spreads to your back and loss of appetite, vomiting, nausea or tachycardia, then immediately you have to get the medical attention. You should also take care to see whether your blood glucose level reduced abnormally. These patients should not let it happen in any case. This state of low glucose level or hypoglycemia may occur if the patient avoid taking a meal, exercise for a longer period of time, undergoes great level of stress and also drinks alcohol. The symptoms may include hunger, headache, sweating, weakness, irritability, tremor and also trouble in concentrating.

These patients should always take a candy in their purse or a glucose tablet. If the patient seems to have lowering the blood glucose level they can take it. If there arise any irritability they have to seek the medical attention immediately. Other sources of sugar include milk and the orange juice. These can also be used as a substitute to the candy. The immediate family members or the caretakers should also learn the emergency aids if there occurs any case. There requires a complete cycle to get the effective and efficient result out of the medicine. This includes the diet, exercise, the medicines, weight control and also other medications that the patient is on while he is on generic Januvia. If the patient is intending to get the maximum result out of it then he should take it on a regular basis and avoid skipping any single dose. You have to refill your dose of generic Januvia before it completely run out.

This drug falls under the list of category B in the FDA pregnancy list. It cannot be said that the use of generic Januvia will cause harm to the unborn baby. But it is always advisable to report to your medical practitioner if you are planning for pregnancy or is pregnant while on this treatment plan. There is no evidence to report that this drug can pass into the breast milk and cause potential harm through it for the infants. It may or may not cause harm to the baby. So you should always get the opinion from the medical practitioner before breast feeding the baby while she is on this drug. The generic Januvia drug should not be given to the children who are below the age group of 18, but can be given with the strict advice from the doctor due to its safety needs.


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