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Things to be considered before taking the drug Keppra

The generic of Keppra falls into the category of the anti epileptic drug. This medicine is commonly used to treat the condition of partial onset of the seizures in children and the adults who are above the age group of 4. This drug is also found to be effective in treating the condition in adult known as the tonic-clonic seizures. It is also found to be useful in children who are above the age of 6. It also proved to be useful treating the myoclonic seizures in the children and adult and the children should be above the age of 12. This drug is also used for other uses which are not mentioned in this article.

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Generic Keppra

Like any other medication this medicine should also be taken under the strict supervision of your medical practitioner because this medicine can also cause potential side effects to the users depending upon their medical and physical conditions. If you are planning to stop the use of this drug then you have to take the advice from the medical practitioner. The reason behind it is that some medications need to be tapered down before stopping it fully. If you are planning to stop the usage suddenly then it can cause worsening of the seizure. Is any such condition such as worsening of the seizures or new seizures, you has to tell your doctor.

Some patients may have even reported the thoughts about attempting suicide while they are on this medication. In this case the doctor will make a close observation and regular follow up. So in such cases, the patient should not miss any appointments with the doctor.

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If you find that you have worsening symptoms or occurrence of new symptoms such as behaviour changes, mood changes, anxiety, depression, hostility, agitation, mental hyperactivity, restlessness, physically activity or suicidal ideation you have to immediately contact your medical practitioner. While you are on the drug generic Keppra you should always carrying your identify card along with you or should wear a medical alert bracelet which states that you are taking the drug Keppra. So that it will act as a help in any of any emergency. If you are consulting other departments such as dentistry, or any emergency medical care that doctors should also know that the patient is on the generic for Keppra. Levetiracetam is capable of causing the potential side effects such as impairment in the reaction and thinking so it is strictly advisable not to drive or do the activities that require alertness.

There are certain things that you have to careful before taking the drug Keppra. That we are going to discuss below. If the patient is allergic to levetiracetam then they have to avoid taking it. If you have allergies to any of the drug that should be well reported to the doctor. Also tell the doctor if the patient is suffering from kidney disease. In such cases the patients may require adjustment in the dosages and also some special test at the time of treatment. Those patients who are taking Keppra might develop the thoughts for attempting suicide. This occurs mostly during the first few months of the treatment plan when the patient is on this drug. Also they may develop this symptom when the dose is changed.

The caregivers and the immediate family members should be intimated about the use of this drug and they should also be educated about the signs and symptoms the patient may show and they should be made ready to be alert to notice the changed in the mood and behaviour or the symptoms they will be showing. Because of these reasons the doctor will advise for regular follow up and the patient and the caretaker should strictly follow it. So that if any such worsening of symptoms occurs they can treated well in advance. The patient should strictly be brought to the doctor for regular follow up.

This drug is included in the pregnancy list of category C of the FDA pregnancy category. There is no scientific study to show that this drug has the potential to cause any problem to the unborn baby in the womb. In any case, you have to tell the doctor if you are carrying a baby or planning for pregnancy during the course of the treatment with the generic of Keppra. It is said that the drug Keppra has the potential to pass through the breast milk, so the patient should not breast fed the baby while on the drug or they have to stop the drug use during this time. Because the generic Keppra that is passing though the breast milk has the potential to cause harm to the baby. This drug should not be given to the children with the advice of a medical practitioner. And also this should be keep out of reach of the children.

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