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What is Generic Micardis?

Micardis is a medication that is normally prescribed by most doctors in order to manage heightened levels of blood pressure in adults.

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Generic Micardis

Who manufactures Micardis?

This drug is made by Boehringer Ingelheim

How Does the generic of Micardis Function?

This medication belongs to the group of medications known as Angiotensin II receptor blockers or ARBs. They work by obstructing the Angiotensin II receptors that are mainly responsible for causing the blood vessels to narrow down. Hence when Micardis aids to block these receptors, the blood vessels tend to relax blood to flow more freely through them. This reduces heightened blood pressure in adults. Micardis also prevents the kidney from storing excessive fluids and sodium. The medication can be used alone or along with other medications that reduce hyper tension.

Micardis Pricing

We pride ourselves on providing our customers with the lowest price cost of Micardis. The cost to you for our Micardis is the lowest price and is most affordable.

What is the main component of generic Micardis?

The main ingredient of this medication is Telmisartan that is an Angiotensin II receptor blocker.

What is the generic for Micardis used for?

Micardis (telmisartan) is mainly used as a prescription drug to lower the level of blood pressure. This drug has also been proven to be quite effective in lowering the chances of heart attacks, strokes or even deaths that arise from such complications especially in persons who are about 55 years old and are prone to heart diseases. .

How and When Is Micardis taken?

This medication that is available in tablet form is taken once a day. Generic Micardis can be taken along with food or otherwise. Micardis should be taken at the same time everyday so that an even level of medication is maintained in the blood.

Dosage of Micardis

Your dosage of generic Micardis will depend on factors like the medical condition that you are being treated for, other ailments you may be suffering from, medicines that you may already be taking and your response and reaction to Micardis. Remember that once you have been prescribed a certain dose, do not attempt to alter it without your doctor’s permission. Do not stop taking the medication without instructions from your doctor even if you feel better, because hyper tension does not exhibit many symptoms. To ensure that Micardis is helping to control your condition check your blood pressure regularly and make certain that you do not miss any appointments that have been scheduled by the doctor. It may take two to four weeks for the medication to show any results and bring blood pressure under control.

If You Miss a Dose

If you forget to take a dose of generic Micardis, take it as soon as you remember. But in case if it is close to the time of your next dose, leave the missed dose and continue as per the schedule. Never take extra medication because you have missed a dose.

What Should You Inform the Doctor before being Prescribed Micardis

Before you are prescribed this medication inform your doctor if:

1. You are suffering from any heart diseases or congestive heart failure

2. If you have any liver related problems like cirrhosis

3. Gall bladder related problems like gall bladder stone

4. Kidney diseases or kidney failure and

5. If you suffer any allergies that can also include allergic reactions to other Angiotensin II receptor blockers, any specific foods, dyes or preservatives.

You should also inform your physician if you are pregnant or planning to conceive, are breast feeding your baby or are on dialysis. It is not known whether Micardis passes into breast milk or if it could probably harm the baby. Ensure that you inform the doctor about other medicines that you are taking irrespective of whether they are prescription or non-prescription medications, herbal supplements or vitamins. Ensure that you are not taking any salt substitutes that contain potassium or potassium supplements without your doctor’s permission.

What should be done when you take an Overdose?

If You take an over dose of Micardis get medical attention at once.

How should generic Micardis be stored?

You should Micardis at normal room temperature away from damp and heat. Also ensure that Micardis generic like all other medication is kept away from children’s reach.

Micardis Side effects generic Micardis are swelling of the face, tongue, lips, throat, breathing problems or hives. Micardis sometimes can also cause the collapse of muscle tissues that can result in kidney failure. In case you experience symptoms like muscle pain or tenderness make sure to inform your doctor immediately.

Other side effects include faintness, difficulty or pain when urinating, pain in the chest, breathlessness even with very little exertion or swelling of the hands or feet. The lesser side effects can be classified as running or stuffy nose, headaches, giddiness, pain in the abdomen, diarrhea, pain in the back, tiredness and weakness or profuse sweating.

Do not drink alcohol when you are taking Micardis as there are chances that it can reduce your blood pressure and heighten some of the other side effects of the medicine.

Strengths Available

Generic Micardis is available in varying strengths.

They are:

Micardis 20mg

Micardis 40mg and

Micardis 40mg.


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