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Generic Neurontin is used to treat pain related to shingles and partial seizures in patients who suffer from epilepsy. Neurontin is an anti epileptic prescription medication that is also known as an anticonvulsant. This medicine has an influence on the nerves in the body that are believed to be cause seizures and certain kinds of pain. The medication can be used either alone or combined with other drugs to prevent the attack of seizures brought on by epilepsy in both adults and children above twelve years of age. It can also be used to treat partial seizures in children between 3 and six years. In addition the pain on the nerves caused by the herpes virus in adults can also be treated by prescribing this medication.

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Generic Neurontin

Who Makes Neurontin?

This drug is manufactured by Pfizer, Inc.

Neurontin Pricing

We pride ourselves on providing our customers with the lowest price cost of Neurontin. The cost to you for our Neurontin is the lowest price and is most affordable.

How Does the generic for Neurontin Work?

Though it is not very clear how this drug helps for the pain in the nerves, it is said to affect some of the calcium channels in the brain and this could probably be the way it helps prevent seizures and nerve pain.

The medication is said to be more effective than other epileptic medications because certain studies showed that people taking Neurontin had suffered far less seizures than people whop were taking other drugs for the same condition.

When Should generic Neurontin be taken?

Neurontin can be taken with or without food, though it would be best to take it with food if the medication happens to irritate your stomach. The point is that this drug should be taken at the same time one to three times a day so as to maintain an even level of medication in the blood always.

How Should the generic of Neurontin be taken?

This medication is available in tablet, capsule and liquid forms (Neurontin Solution). If you have difficulty swallowing the tablet or capsule, you can take generic Neurontin Solution. If the drug is to work well, it should be taken as per the doctor’s prescription and remember it will not work if you stop taking the medication. Do not stop taking the drug without explicit instructions from your healthcare provider even if you feel better because the patient may experience increase in seizures or withdrawal symptoms when you stop taking the medication all of a sudden. The dosage may have to rbe reduced gradually till you finally stop taking it.


Your doctor will decide the dose of the medication after considering factors like age, weight, the seriousness of your condition, the medications that you may already be taking and your medical condition when being prescribed Neurontin. Unless advised by your doctor, do not adjust the dosing of generic Neurontin by yourself.

If You Miss a Dose

Take a missed dose as soon as you remember, but if it is closer to the time for your next scheduled dose, skip the missed dose and carry on as usual. Do not try to make up the missed dose with extra medication.

What Should Your Doctor Be Told?

Before being prescribed Neurontin, you should inform your doctor regarding any health conditions that you may be having like:

• Any kidney, liver or heart diseases,

• Allergies that you may including food allergies, allergy to dyes, and/or preservatives.

• You must also inform your doctor if you are pregnant or planning a baby soon and also if you are breast feeding your baby. This is because it is not known whether the medication passes into the breast milk.

• In addition ensure that your doctor knows all the prescription or non-prescription medicines, vitamins, and any herbal supplements that you may be taking.

Important information about Neurontin

When you are on generic Neurontin there are chances that you may experience thoughts of committing suicide, so ensure that you do not miss out on any of the appointments that you have with your doctor. He needs to see you at regular intervals to check your condition when you are on this medication. Also make certain that you report any new symptoms or aggravation of existing symptoms like mood or behavioral changes, anxiety, agitation, depression, or also if you are feeling physically hyperactive or having thoughts of suicide or hurting yourself.

Side Effects

If you experience any signs like hives, swollen glands, sores around your eyes and mouth that are very painful, swelling of the face, lips or tongue or difficulty in breathing get immediate medical aid. The more serious side effects are increase in seizures, fever, chills, body aches and flu like symptoms, swelling of the ankle or feet, bewilderment etc.

Side effects in children can be in the form of change in behavior, problems remembering things, trouble in focusing on what they are doing, restlessness, hostility and aggressiveness. Dizziness, sleepiness, headaches, dry mouth, swelling in the breast etc are the minor side effects of Neurontin.

Neurontin Strengths

Generic Neurontin is available in 100mg capsules, 300mg capsules, 400 mg capsules and tablets of 600 mg and 800mg. You also can avail of Neurontin oral suspension where 5 ml or one teaspoon will constitute 250mg strength.


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